eFoil Surfboard

The Greenboards eFoil allows you to fly over almost any body of water at speeds of up to 45kmph, with no waves required, and no dirty emissions. It’s fun and easy to learn to fly. The Greenboards eFoil Surfboard offers an amazing experience with hardware that won’t let you down, with a 1 year warranty

  • Lithium Ion Battery – Ride for up to an hour, recharge in two hours.
  • Silent Electric Motor – No sound, no emission, no lag, and maximum torque on demand.
  • Wireless Hand Controller – Bluetooth enabled handheld control
  • Transport – The board can be simply taken apart for transporting to your next adventure.

Comprehensive video instructions are provided, to make the experience as simple and enjoyable for you. In addition to providing an emission free flying experience, we also donate 10% of our profits to The Ocean Cleanup, whose goal is to rid our oceans of plastic pollution.

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